10 Ways, We can assist you!

1. Education Counselling

When planning your educational pathway, it can become very stressful, time-consuming, and utterly confusing, especially when considering international education. You might find yourself asking various questions while contemplating your studies, such as: Is studying abroad truly beneficial? Where can I study? What documents are required for admission and visa processes? Am I eligible for a scholarship? What are the visa formalities? Where will I stay during the course? And most importantly, which course will provide the best long-term returns and an enjoyable, fulfilling international career? Study Solutions guides you and your family in selecting the right course that leads you to the correct career path. We offer free counseling, visa assistance, interview preparation, pre-departure counseling, and other services to ensure you become a successful global graduate. By evaluating your academic background, reviewing your extracurricular and other work activities, as well as assessing your English proficiency, we develop strategies to maximize the success potential of the applications you submit. With a remarkable track record of sending over 30 thousand students abroad, you could be next!

2. Country Information

Choosing a country to study is the initial step towards becoming a global graduate. Bangladesh’s best education counselors at Study Solutions provide you with information about the demography, climate, people, culture, lifestyle, and education systems of different nations around the world. Our counselors take into account your intention to invest in education, scholarship opportunities, visa availability, and other preferences while selecting a study abroad destination. Remember, education is most effective when you have a comfortable environment. At Study Solutions, our counselors provide in-person guidance and send you all relevant information via email.

 3. Selection of Course

“Education experts at Study Solutions analyze your academic history and identify your career goals and interests, essential factors to consider when choosing a course that can substantially enhance your career prospects. We collaborate with you to tailor a course selection that will yield the most favorable career outcomes in the future. Study Solutions counselors maintain updated lists of courses offered by various educational institutions worldwide. You can obtain a list of universities from our nearest office while receiving free education counseling from our counselors.”

4. Admission Guidance

Different institutions may have varying sets of admission criteria, which can actually confuse students. The internet can provide an overload of information, further adding to the confusion. We assist you in filtering through this information and customizing your personal circumstances to find the right university and course options that best suit your profile. We stay up-to-date with the evolving norms and criteria of universities to enhance your chances of having your application accepted. Our high acceptance rate has established Study Solutions as Bangladesh’s leading education consultant.

5. Financial Estimation

At Study Solutions, our highly experienced financial advisors calculate an anticipated cost of study, living, and accommodation expenses, along with the fee structure of the universities you wish to apply to. Our advisors take into account your interest in investing in education while offering country, university, and course options. You can also receive details about scholarship opportunities and assistance for financing your education.

6. Safety

Your family is often most concerned when you are thousands of miles away. Study Solutions is associated with numerous educational institutions worldwide that are established in some of the world’s safest countries for studying, as proclaimed by UNESCO. These countries include Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, Malaysia, and many others. A safe environment during your studies allows you to pursue education stress-free while enjoying life abroad.

7. Career Abroad

Our career counselors guide you about the career opportunities you can pursue after completing your course abroad. You can also gather information during your studies and steer clear of false promises of employment abroad from many fraudulent agents around the world. These jobs can potentially lead you to work for unscrupulous employers for extended periods without pay, in violation of local laws. Our expert career counselors advise you on all opportunities to work during and after your studies.

8. Visa Assistance

Due to varying security threat levels worldwide, many countries are constantly changing their visa regulations. If you’re unaware of these provisions, you could face instant visa refusal. Our team of former visa officials possesses extensive experience in working with embassies across the globe and possesses thorough knowledge of the updated rules and regulations of every study abroad destination. Our high visa success rate is also considered our Unique Selling Point, which has established Study Solutions as a trusted education consultant by embassies and high commissions around the world. Our reputation is built on helping students secure visa approvals for their dream study destinations.

9. Accommodation Guidance

Selecting accommodation abroad can be a challenging task, especially when seeking quality yet affordable options within a limited budget. Each country offers numerous choices that can align with your finances. However, it’s crucial to choose accommodation that also takes into account convenient access to transportation and job locations, as this can significantly impact your spending by up to 20%. Surprisingly, these savings can be akin to a ‘mini scholarship.’ Our accommodation advisors provide you with ample information about suitable housing options and also connect you with senior contacts who have previously studied abroad through Study Solutions

10. Travel Guidance

Due to the significant fluctuations in airfare resulting from intense competition among global airline carriers these days, selecting a suitable airline is a crucial consideration. Given the high variations in airfare, choosing the right airline for travel can lead to substantial savings in your study abroad costs. Additionally, utilizing convenient and affordable local transportation while studying in the host country can further reduce your travel expenses, contributing to overall savings when investing in education. Travel advisors at Study Solutions provide you with comprehensive travel information to help you accomplish your study abroad goals.

We hope these ten steps will help you decide to choose Study Solutions to support your dreams of a bright future. Register with us to receive free education counseling from our expert counselors.

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